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The Eastern border of RDCongo with its enclosed lakes, its volcanic mountains and the high peaks of two mountain chains bordering the Central Rift Valley ( which extends from the Zambezi to the Nile ) are among the greatest attractions of the whole Congo.

Virunga National Park contains within 790,000 hectares the greatest diversity of habitats of any park in Africa: from steppes, savannas and lava plains, swamps, lowland and mountain forests to volcanoes and the unique giant herbs and snowfields of Ruwenzori over 5,000m high. Thousands of hippopotamuses lived in its rivers and birds from Siberia overwinter there. It is the only park in the world to have populations of three great ape species : the largest remaining population of mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees.

The Virunga Mountains form an imposing volcanic complex. They separate the Nile basin from the Congo basin. From afar eight principal volcanoes and hundreds of craters are visible. These volcanoes are extinct except for Nyamulagira and Nyiragongo.

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